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Thank you for giving into Makita Morton Ministries. We appreciate every seed that is sown! Thank you for believing in the vision of Makita Morton Ministries. Many lives will be impacted through your seed. May the GREAT LORD bless you. 

Just Breathe Yearly Conferences

sponsor someone today with your donation!!!!

A yearly conference is held every year where women all over the world are learning to just breathe in all matters and circumstances. Our conferences consist of registration packages, meals ,  occasionally lodging & transportation. Your donation will help sponsor a person who can not afford these expenses.


College fund for High School Seniors

Donate today for h.s.  graduates, who are on their way to college. Makita Morton Ministries packages a freshman year kit or basket to help them along their college journey.

Sarah's Girls 

Ages 13-19

Donate today to our Sarah's girls, a ministry to help young girls in recognizing their value, enhancing their self esteem, and building their character. Your Donation will help with our yearly activities and "end of year school getaway trips"!!!!
Support Our Cause
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Thank you for helping us make a difference!

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